A Study relating Taurodontism with Hypodontia and Maxillary Lateral Incisor Microdontia


  • T A Yemitan
  • O A Ajisafe
  • B O Ogunbanjo
  • V E Adediran


Hypodontia, Microdontia, Orthodontics, Taurodontism.


Background: Certain dental anomalies may coexist in the same patient. Early diagnosis of one anomaly can alert the professional to the possible development of other associated anomalies in the same patient or family , making early diagnosis and timely orthodontic intervention possible. It aims to compare prevalence of hypodontia and maxillary
lateral incisor microdontia in a group of children with and without T aurodontism.
Methods: A retrospective study conducted at Orthodontic Unit, Lagos State University T eaching Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria. Orthopantomographs and dental casts of 47 subjects with taurodontism of at least one mandibular first or second permanent molar as an isolated trait were selected. A control group matching the case group for sex and for age at which the records were taken was selected from the same records. These study casts were assessed for microdontia of the maxillary permanent lateral incisors and orthopantomographs were assessed for hypodontia of permanent teeth.Results: The incidence of microdontia of the maxillary permanent lateral incisor was higher (p=0.002) in patients with taurodontism (31.9%, n = 15) when compared to the control group with 6.4% (n = 3).Hypodontia was present in 1 4(29.8%) of subjects with taurodontism while 8(1 7%) of the subjects had hypodontia in the control group (p=0. 1 43).
Conclusions: There was a significant association between mandibular molar taurodontism and microdontia of maxillary lateral incisors, with increased occurrence of hypodontia of permanent teeth in patients with mandibular molar taurodontism.



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Yemitan, T. A., Ajisafe, O. A., Ogunbanjo, B. O., & Adediran, V. E. (2020). A Study relating Taurodontism with Hypodontia and Maxillary Lateral Incisor Microdontia. West African Journal of Orthodontics, 5(2), 31-36. Retrieved from http://wajo.oauife.edu.ng/index.php/wajo/article/view/72