Orthodontic Residency Training in Nigeria


  • O O Sanu
  • M O Akeredolu


residency training, orthodontics, challenges, Nigeria, postgraduate


Background:In Nigeria, residency training in orthodontics dates back as early as 1 986 with initial accreditation of only one institution granted by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria. Presently however, there are about ten institutions where orthodontic treatment is offered and most of them are accredited to train orthodontists.

Results: In spite of the increase in the number of accredited training institutions, there is still a dearth of orthodontic practitioners with the ratio being 1:3.86 million Nigerians. Sadly , the total population of Nigerian orthodontists represents only 1% of all dentists in Nigeria. The challenges of residency training in Nigeria are numerous. There is therefore a need to reexamine the objectives of training, reevaluate the programme as a whole and implement restructuring in order to improve the standard, make the programme more relevant to the need of the society , thus ensuring that graduates of the programmes are up-to-date and at par with their counterparts from across the globe and with the rest of the world.
Conclusion: while the purpose of residency training in orthodontics has largely been achieved in Nigeria, a lot remains to be done to propel it beyond its original state so as to make it compare favourably with similar dental postgraduate training programmes in other parts of the world. There is therefore a call for action for all stakeholders to propel the fortunes of
residency dental training in Nigeria.



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